Necalli Professional Boxing Gloves - Leather Edged Seam w/ Double Stitching *Unattached Thumb*

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Necalli Professional Sparring/Training Gloves - Leather Edged Seam w/ Double Stitching

Special Edition Gloves:

-*Unattached Thumbs*

-Leather edged seam

-Double Stitching

-3 Row Cuff

Necalli Professional Gloves are perfect for Training or Sparring All gloves are handmade of top grain cow leather and latex foam. Unattached Thumbs, Lace up closure.
Necalli Professional Gloves are designed with a comfortable pocket and extra forearm coverage. Expert construction and design, to create a natural fist. These gloves are highly sought after by professionals for the superb wrist support and protection.

Authentic Necalli Professional Mexican Boxing Gloves & Gear is produced in Mexico.

Excellent wrist support, Wide pocket, Unattached Thumb
Cow leather exterior, latex foam interior, lace up and hook and loop wrist
Made in Mexico
Made in Mexico with Mexican cow leather and latex foam. Not mass produced, Gloves will arrive with no formal tags or packaging. These products are not mass produced, they are produced in small batches for maximum quality.

*Note, Lace color, stitching, or some trim color may vary. These gloves are made in small batches and are not mass produced.

*Actual weight may be different that labeled weight

*Due to the nature of genuine cow leather, natural scarring on the surface of the leather is possible.

 Custom orders available, please contact us for more details


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