History of Deportes Casanova


The first Deportes Casanova Boxing glove was created in 1948 by the world famous Mexican Boxing Trainer, Arturo “Cuyo” Hernandez in Mexico City, and the Casanova tradition continues today, with the Deportes Casanova Brand still being manufactured in Mexico City.

ArturoCuyoHernandez_InterviewHernandez (1911-1990), also known as “El Tormentoso,” was inducted into the International Boxing Hall of Fame in 2013, credited with the training of 12 world champions, including, Luis Villanueva “Kid Azteca”, Rodolfo “Chango” Casanova, José “Toluco” López, Rubén “El Púas” Olivares, Alfonso Zamora, Carlos “Cañas” Zárate, and Guadalupe Pintor and and 37 Mexican national champions, including Julián Villegas, Memo Valero, Rodolfo Ramírez “El Rielero”, Panchito Villa, Carlos Malacara, Fili Nava“El Zurdo de Tacubaya”, Nicolás Morán, Ricardo Manzanillo “Bombín”Padilla, Raúl Rodríguez to name a few.

Hernandez passed away in Nov of 1990 shortly after his last trainee Ricardo “Finito” Lopez, returned from Japan having won the title.


These infamous Casanova Boxing gloves have been used for decades by professional boxers and were featured in the Academy Award winning movie “Rocky I,” being hand picked by Sylvester Stallone for the final fight scene.