Deportes Casanoava Trademark Update

Dear Esteemed Clients and Boxing Fans
Deportes Casanova in Mexico City is an established Mexican manufacturer of high quality leather Boxing gloves and related Boxing equipment, which has been in business for more than 70 years.
In Mexico, Deportes Casanova owns its trademark.  Recently, however, the company lost its USA trademark after a protracted legal battle.
What does this mean:
Because of losing its rights to the Casanova name in the USA, this historic Mexico company will produce their authentic Mexican-made leather boxing gloves under a new label, Necalli Professional, which can be found at the same trusted online store,
We are no longer associated with the following URLs:
We appreciate your understanding and we look forward to continuing to provide the very best quality in boxing equipment and customer service.
Necalli Boxing

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  • DON M

    GILL (formerly Zepol) Bag gloves —Best heavy bag gloves I have bought in years!!! They deliver on EVERY level!!

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