An item I want is out of stock, when will it be available?

All of the Deportes Casanova Gear is made in Mexico City, Mexico in small batches of the highest quality leather and supplies. Not every color and size will be in stock at all times because our gear is not mass produced. If you are interested in ordering a product that is out of stock, please contact us to directly with your request. Email requests to info@necalliboxing.com or use the contact box below.


Can I Order Custom Gear?

Yes, we can customize your gear with your chosen color and/or personalization. Please email us with your request and we will send you a quote and turnaround. Email requests to info@necalliboxing.com or use the contact box below.

Returns are not accepted on Custom, Sale, Discounted, or Special Orders


Do you ship to International Addresses?

Yes, we do ship worldwide, with very few exceptions. If you do not see or are not able to complete the checkout for your address, you can try to purchase from our eBay store listings which may offer more International Shipping locations/options. Use the following link:  http://stores.ebay.com/casanovaboxingusa

When purchasing from the online store for international destinations, please note, we charge for shipping costs only. Any customs fees and duties are the responsibility of the receiver.

When placing international orders on eBay, eBay will calculate shipping and customs fees/duties upfront.


Are there Instructions for Glove Maintenance?

We recommend a monthly cleaning of the gloves,

On the exterior, Use a gentle/mild soap to clean the exterior of the glove and rinse. Once they are completely dry, gently massage Vaseline into the leather.

Interior: we recommend using a white vinegar & water solution and spray the interior of the glove, leave the glove open to air dry.